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Are you ready to finally get a handle on anxiety and worry thoughts? 

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons people seek therapy, and believe it or not, you can get long lasting relief. Our human tendency is to look away from what scares us, to take for granted that stress is a normal response. I help clients move toward the source of the discomfort, to untangle what works and what doesn’t. We'll work together to understand and tame the beast.


You might call it worry, anxiety, stress, or obsessive thinking. You may feel it as tension in your body, headaches, sleeplessness, or just inability to relax. Anxiety shows up in many forms. It can be paralyzing or it can simply rob us of the ability to enjoy our days. In our society, stress is often normalized and “busy” is a badge of honor. You might assume it just comes with the territory of a full and active life. Wouldn’t it be great to respond to the demands of your day with ease and peace of mind, rather than white knuckling your way through it? You don’t have to wait until things get easier to experience joy and relaxation in the midst of the chaos.


We often feel justified in our fears and worries; after all, the world is a scary place, full of uncertainty and change. Humans develop habitual responses to life’s problems based on what may have worked to protect us in the past. Our ongoing survival reinforces these beliefs and behaviors. Until we stop to evaluate our reactions, we often keep repeating them even though they are no longer effective and may not have been healthy in the first place. 


Reach out to schedule your first session to begin learning how to quieten your worry thoughts and calm your nervous system so you experience more peace of mind. 

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Tame Anxiety


Ready to experience more joy?

You simply can’t believe everything you think. You are not your thoughts!


Do you want more freedom from the suffering of unwanted emotions and negative thinking? I offer mindfulness training to alleviate the pain of depression and anxiety. Working with me, you’ll learn to identify self-limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that interfere with living life to its fullest. 


Many of us never learned a full vocabulary around our own feelings. My job is to help you identify and label your feelings and emotions, and to create a safe space for you to sit with the painful ones. 


I draw upon proven techniques from the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience to guide clients toward greater well-being. 

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Get Unstuck


You Are Not Your Pain

Free your mind from the grip of chronic pain.

When you’re in chronic pain, it can become the center of attention. A growing body of research shows that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective tool to help reduce the debilitating effects of chronic pain regardless of its source. For some, the pain signal can be short circuited altogether, allowing pain to resolve completely.


All pain is subjective; only you can say how bad it is and how much it limits you. That’s not to say that pain is all in your head. On the contrary, the pain is very real. With CBT, you’ll learn how your beliefs about pain affect your experience of it. 


Seeking psychological help for dealing with chronic pain doesn’t mean the pain is all in your head. However, not addressing the psychological impact of chronic pain can certainly make it worse. 


Chronic pain is pain that persists for months, long after the original injury or cause has healed. Chronic pain can also result from systemic medical conditions. For many people, chronic pain may not have a specific cause. Regardless of what is causing your pain, CBT is proven to reduce its effects and improve overall functioning.

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Not Your Pain


Let’s talk about what no one likes to talk about. 

Life doesn’t go on forever, yet most people don’t like talking about or even considering the inevitability of death. It often takes a milestone, a crisis, or even a bad diagnosis to prompt consideration of one’s own end-of-life.


Has something happened in your life that is causing you to contemplate your own unavoidable end? Do you need help planning so that everything is in order when your time comes? Or maybe you’re just contemplating death and hoping to make sense of your time on earth. What is your legacy? 


Therapy isn’t about finding a silver lining. Sometimes we just have to face the pain and fear that comes with being human. We find peace through acceptance of what just is. 


End-of-life planning is an unpopular but necessary part of taking care of yourself and those who love you. If you need help pulling it all together or just figuring out where to start, I can help you make peace and make plans.

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Making Sense
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